ingdirectlogoAdvertisements for ING DIRECT have been running during Glenn Beck’s show in the UK.  On December 16, 2009, I contacted ING DIRECT regarding their sponsorship of Glenn Beck’s vitriol and race-baiting.  Since then, we’ve been applying pressure on Twitter.

This morning, ING DIRECT advised that their ads will no longer appear “in or around” Glenn Beck’s show.

This brings the total number of dropped sponsors to 96.  Many thanks all for your efforts!


Martin Rutland, head of corporate communications for ING DIRECT, offered this statement:

“ING Direct UK has confirmed they do not sponsor or endorse the Glenn Beck show. Additionally, no ING Direct advertisements are being screened during or either side of this show and there are no plans to do so in the future.”

I replied:

Thank you for getting in touch.

To be clear: advertisements for ING DIRECT have been running during the Glenn Beck show in the UK; ads have appeared as recently as January 5, 2010. Does your statement mean that ING DIRECT is pulling these advertisements going forward?

Mr. Rutland clarified:


It means we have no further plans to advertise in or around this programme.