On January 27, 2010 a Honda advertisement ran on Glenn Beck’s show in the UK. Shortly after, the Stop Beck – UK effort contacted Honda and urged them to stop sponsoring Glenn Beck. Honda advised that they will no longer be purchasing ads on Glenn Beck’s show or Fox News as a whole.

This brings the total number of dropped sponsors to 100.*

Honda’s original statement:

Thanks for taking the time to share your concerns with us. We are now at
the end of our advertising schedule with that channel and have noted your

Honda is politically neutral and strives to exceed ethical standards. We
apply these policies to our communication strategy with our best endeavor
but as you say we cannot determine the program or editorial content around
which we advertise.

It was unclear on whether this meant their ads would be running in the future. So they were asked. On whether they would be running ads on Glenn Beck or Fox News in the future, Honda advised:

We have no plans to renew

Paul Ormond
General Manager, Corporate Press and PR

Preferable as it would have been for Honda to publicly admonish Glenn Beck’s vitriol, one reality remains: after being contacted their ads will no longer be running on all of Fox News, which also means their ad dollars will not be subsidizing Glenn Beck.

Big thanks to all those participating in this effort!

*Because the statement isn’t as strong as I would like it to be, this really feels more like 99 1/2 to me.