Last week, Glenn Beck lost his 100th (Honda) and 101st (Best Western) sponsors.  Additionally, Mr. Beck came under a fire from a coalition of civil rights groups for his suggestion that Pres. Obama’s name, Barack, is un-American.

This morning, StarKist (tuna) became the 102nd sponsor to drop Glenn Beck.

StarKist’s statement (emphasis added):

Our television media purchases are dictated by our marketing plan and are chosen based on time of day, such as early morning (6:00 – 10:00 a.m.) or primetime (8:00 to 11:00 p.m.); channel (ABC, Lifetime, ESPN, etc.) and audience demographics.

We do not dictate what program is on when our commercial airs. But we do frequently evaluate our media purchases to ensure that the programs we choose match our brand’s target demographics and overall advertising plan. In doing so, we have chosen to not air our commercial during Glenn Beck’s program going forward given a number of alternatives that meet our advertising plan’s criteria.

Thanks again for your inquiry.

StarKist Consumer Affairs

When will media stop ignoring Glenn Beck’s continued sponsor loss? When will they start asking Fox News to account for Mr. Beck’s vitriolic, sexist and racially charged tirades?

A list of 102 sponsors that dropped Glenn Beck can be found here.

Many thanks to all those participating in this effort!  Great work all. Let’s keep this momentum going…