In the past two weeks, Glenn Beck lost his 100th, 10st and 102nd sponsor.


[Update #1, 2/17/10]: Celsius becomes 103rd company to remove advertisements from Glenn Beck’s show because of your efforts.

[Update #2, 2/17/10]: Color of Change announced additional companies that dropped Glenn Beck, bringing total number of lost sponsors to 116.

[Update #3, 2/22/10]: Weight Watchers, George Foreman Cooking and Sylvan Learning dropped Glenn Beck. This brings the total lost sponsors to 119.


His sponsor lost seems to be having a real effect as his show in the U.K. was without sponsors the past 10 days.  This must be striking a nerve as the right-wing attack machine is already churning out nonsense.

Now, this effort continues…and here are some ways that you can help out.

#1) Spread The Word

  • Tell your friends about our StopBeck effort, post a link to on your Facebook page, etc…
  • If you have a blog, add to your blogroll.  Or, if you feel like getting fancy, add a StopBeck badge to your site (see sidebar).
  • If you see a blog post that fails to mention Glenn Beck’s lost sponsors even though it is relevant to the topic of the post: leave a comment about his lost sponsors and point them to [Note: This is crucial to spreading the word about our effort.  But, I am not asking you to spam the blogosphere.  Please make sure the comment is relevant. Spreading the word about his lost sponsors helps improve the comment thread on that site - and it also helps our effort.]

#2) Consider Offering A Small Donation

  • I’ve been at this since July 2, 2009.  As time marches on, even small expenses begin adding up.  Your donation will be used to help defray some of the costs of this effort so far and prepare for the expansion going forward.  Of course, it would be greatly appreciated.  You can donate securely by clicking this link or the “chip in” widget in the sidebar.

#3) Help Pressure Remaining Sponsors

  • On Twitter: watch out for tweets to Glenn Beck’s sponsors.  You can help by re-tweeting them or sending those sponsors tweets of your own.
  • Sometimes remaining sponsors need a bit more of a nudge than tweets provide.  So, keep an eye on this site or Twitter for announcements.

Many thanks to those that have participated in this effort to hold Glenn Beck accountable for his misinformation, vitriol, sexism and race-baiting.  Onward we go.