Glenn Beck’s significant sponsor loss is visible.  In the U.K., his show has not had any advertisements for the past nine days.  In the United States, his show already has few advertisers.  Many of these that appear are either unpaid public service announcements or are cheaper ads that would ordinarily run during off-peak hours.  Presumably, Fox is placing these ads during Beck’s show in order to fill the gap.  Accordingly, new advertisers are occasionally rotated into his show.  When this happens, we immediately urge them to stop sponsoring Glenn Beck’s indecency.

Today, we are announcing three additional sponsors that have pulled their advertisements from Glenn Beck’s show: Weight Watchers, George Foreman Cooking and Sylvan Learning.

These additional sponsor losses bring the total number of sponsors to drop Beck to 119.

Many thanks to all those participating in this effort!  Your tweets and emails are truly having an effect.  Keep at it!

Statements from these three advertisers follow:

George Foreman Cooking advertisements began appearing on Glenn Beck’s show on February 11.  After being notified about the presence of these advertisements and Glenn Beck’s incendiary rhetoric, George Foreman Cooking advised that they were pulling their ads.  Their statement:

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. George Foreman Cooking adheres to a set of media buying guidelines for syndicated programming and for local stations that promote inclusion and help our company reach a broad range of diverse customers. Placement of ads in connection with any program that is contrary to this purpose is in violation of this policy. We have so reminded our advertising agency and have been assured of strict adherence to our policy.

Sylvan Learning advertisements began airing on February 16.  On February 17, they advised that they were pulling their advertisements.  Their statement was short and sweet:

“Sylvan Learning does not support Glenn Beck’s political views. Sylvan will exclude future Fox News Channel commercials from The Glenn Beck Program.”

Weight Watchers advertisements aired several days on Glenn Beck’s show in the U.K. (prior to the past 9 days of sponsor-less shows).  After reaching out to Weight Watchers, they advised that the advertisements were run in error and would no longer appear.  Their statement:

Thank you for contacting us. We apologize if we offended you in any way. The ad that ran in the “Glen Beck” program was unintentional as it is not a part of our media buy. Thanks again for sharing your perspective.


Vicki Taylor
Corporate Affairs Representative
Weight Watchers International, Inc.