Last year, Glenn Beck called President Obama a “racist” and accused the president of harboring a “deep-seated hatred for white people, or the white culture.”

Aside from the recklessness involved in calling this President a racist and the blatant race-baiting displayed, Glenn Beck’s assertion does beg one question: What does Glenn Beck think White Culture is?  It’s a question that Glenn Beck has been repeatedly asked over the past year – and one that he has consistently refused to answer.

Well, a look at Glenn Beck’s favorite tweets raises questions related to Glenn Beck’s concern about “white culture.” First, a screenshot of Glenn Beck’s favorite tweets:

This Image Has Not Been Photoshopped

Notably: @MalevoFreedom‘s bio describes the account as “White Nationalist News And Forum.”

Now, to be clear, in order for the tweet to appear in Glenn Beck’s favorites either Glenn Beck or the operator of Glenn’s twitter account would have needed to mark the tweet as a “favorite.”

For a guy that connects anyone he doesn’t like to all kinds of nefarious imagined plots using the flimsiest connections, Glenn Beck favoriting a tweet from a self-described white supremacist group raises questions:

  1. What’s the deal with Glenn Beck’s “white culture” obsession?  What does he think it is? And, why does he insist on asserting that it’s under attack?
  2. Why is Glenn Beck associating himself with white nationalists and white supremacists?

[h/t @luhgnut]

UPDATE: As of 11:58PM eastern, Glenn Beck deleted all of his favorites (meaning, he deleted after our original post went up):


Well, it’s a good thing I already have a screenshot of what Glenn Beck’s favorites looked like, including the “Embrace White Culture” tweet, before he scrubbed it.

Update 2: Oh, and just in case Glenn Beck tries to pull the ‘This must have just popped up on my Favorites’ excuse, here’s what his favorite page looked like on July 8 (and yes, the “White-Power” tweet was there).  So, you might want to try a different angle Glenn.

Update 3: Keith Olbermann mentioned this story on his show tonight (8/4/10).

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