A while back, Bill Press reported that the permit for Glenn Beck’s 828 rally had not been approved yet.  Well, as August 17, the permit is still pending.

But don’t get too excited, the permit is very likely to be approved.  The delay is largely attributable to working out logistical issues.

The official description of Glenn Beck’s event for the permit is a “demonstration to honor veterans.”  This is ironic given Glenn Beck’s suggestion that the Purple Heart lacks “honor and integrity” and his plans to do away with it at the event.

OpenCongress adds:

The August 28 rally falls on the 47th anniversary of the historic March on Washington, so several civil-rights groups have also applied for permits to hold events around D.C.

The only one approved so far is from a group of artists who plan to erect a four-foot sculpture on the Mall to honor Martin Luther King, Jr., and protest the Beck rally.

Update 8/19: As expected, Glenn Beck’s permit has been approved. Of note, Glenn Beck is setting expectations for the event awfully high.  His original permit called for a rally of 150,000 people.  But, he updated the figures during the final approval process and is now expecting a crowd of 300,000.

Only time will tell if Glenn Beck can meet his own hype. Tick Tock…