As recently noted in a New York Times Magazine article, literally hundreds of advertisers refuse to purchase ad time on Glenn Beck’s show. But, did you know…

As of today, November 9, the broadcast of Glenn Beck’s show in the U.K. has run without any commercials for nearly nine months thanks to your efforts.


The Fox News Channel is broadcast in the U.K, which means Glenn Beck is as well. Along with the StopBeck – UK Effort, participants in the StopBeck Effort reached out and urged advertisers to stop sponsoring Mr. Beck’s vitriol, sexism and preying on racial anxieties. Once aware of the reckless vitriol they were associating their brands with, advertisers were quick to flee – some of them leaving Fox News as a whole.

Your efforts were so effective that beginning February 9, the U.K. broadcast of Glenn Beck’s show ran without commercials. In other words, a total advertiser blackout for Mr. Beck in the U.K. Earlier this summer, advertisers briefly returned. But, participants in the StopBeck effort sprang to action and within a short while all ads were back off of Glenn Beck’s show again.

Glenn Beck’s lost advertisers at home and abroad are a real consequence caused by Mr. Beck’s willful distortions and irresponsible vitriol. And, by choosing to keep Glenn Beck, Fox must continue to hold its nose and absorb the associated financial losses while Rupert Murdoch is forced to make demonstrably false claims in order to save face.

Great work all! Your tweets and emails do matter.

Onward we go…

If you’re new, you can learn how to participate in and strengthen the StopBeck effort here.

Shout outs to Color of Change, Media Matters and for their work in holding Glenn Beck accountable.


Video of a commercial break for Glenn Beck’s show in the UK compared with another Fox News Channel show broadcast in the UK. You’ll see that Glenn Beck’s show is no longer runs paid advertisements, whereas other Fox News Channel shows in the UK continue to have paid ads: