Glenn Beck’s Politifact file offers a handful of his demonstrably false claims and egregious lies. Today, they added another liar “Pants-On-Fire” rating for Glenn Beck’s claims about Wilmington, Ohio.

Glenn Beck, who is hosting an event in Wilmington later this month, claimed:

“This town (Wilmington, Ohio) hasn’t taken any money from the government. They don’t want any money from the government.”

He repeated this claim several times on TV and radio.

On November 22, Media Matters noted that Glenn Beck was promoting his upcoming It’s a Wonderful Life stunt with lies. In it, they chronicle just how false Glenn Beck’s claims about Wilmington are.

Politifact also took up the issue:

With such a large spotlight headed shining on the small town, Politifact Ohio decided to review Beck’s storyline that Wilmington shuns government assistance. We asked for Beck’s sources, but our e-mails to his producer went unanswered. So, we looked ourselves.

We quickly found Beck’s story full of holes.

* The city of Wilmington itself has received federal assistance, including money from the federal stimulus bill that Beck often rails against.

* Government and social service agencies that serve residents of Wilmington and surrounding Clinton and Clark counties have received state and federal money.

* Development agencies and companies in Wilmington have received state aid or pledges of state aid.

* Unemployed residents of the town and county are receiving unemployment and other jobless benefits.

Additionally, Politifact spoke with Wilmington’s mayor, who confirmed that the city was receiving and seeking any government resources that they could get.

After a thorough debunking, Politifact concluded:

So where does all this leave Beck’s premise that Wilmington is a place that shuns government help?

Beck took enough literary license in his holiday tale to make Frank Capra blush. His statement isn’t just false. It’s also ridiculous enough to earn a Politifact rating of Pants on Fire.

Glenn Beck has repeatedly promised that if he gets something wrong, he will lead his show with it and correct the record. Will he do so here?

You can read the entire Politifact piece here.