In short, Glenn Beck suggests that Muse’s performance at the Grammys is “basically a call for revolution.”

Transcript in part:

“You have basically a call for revolution by this group. Now, you have to remember these are Europeans, and they have been degraded for a very long time. Really, since the beginning of time. They have had very few glimpses of real freedom, even when England won the Second World War. They didn’t go into freedom. That’s where the Road to Serfdom came from.”

More at Entertainment Weekly.

Update 2/25/11: During an interview with Absolute Radio, Chris from Muse responded to Glenn Beck’s remarks about Muse’s Grammy performance. It’s worth noting that prior to his most recent attack on Muse, Glenn Beck actually used to be a huge fan. In the past, he called Muse “brilliant” and urge fans to purchase their album.

Reporter: I read about what Glenn Beck said about you…your performance at the Grammys being a call to revolution or something. How do you feel about all that?

Chris [Muse]: Well, you know, I don’t want to comment too much. I don’t know the guy.  But you know, I think one minute he wanted to be our best friend and the next minute…he…uh. I think when he realized that we told him ‘you’ve got the wrong end of the stick,’ he didn’t like us anymore, which is fair enough. But, you know, he had got the wrong end of the stick, I think.

Yea. I mean, I don’t know…I don’t know the guy. I’ve never met him, but, you know, he seems like a bit of a prick, doesn’t he?