Spark Networks operates a range of online dating sites. Their most known site is JDate, but they also operate, and a whole host of other online personals services.

Spark Networks has been running ads on Glenn Beck’s Fox News show for a couple months now.  Specifically, the ads were for Spark Network’s service.

As with other advertisers, participants in the StopBeck effort reached out to Spark Networks. We kindly requested that they follow the responsible action of hundreds of other advertisers and refrain from advertising on Glenn Beck’s show.  Given Glenn Beck’s recent string of antisemitic smears, we also reached out JDate. We asked JDate to urge their parent company to take the responsible by ceasing its financial support of Glenn Beck’s reckless vitriol.

Well your efforts paid off!

After months of advertising, Spark Networks has confirmed that they will no longer advertise on Glenn Beck’s show.

A representative of Spark Networks advised the StopBeck effort that ads “have not been running since Friday (2/18).”

We pressed for clarification and confirmation, asking: “Are you saying Spark Networks has since ceased advertising on Glenn Beck’s show and will refrain from doing so going forward?”

Spark Networks replied: “You’re correct.” Later adding, “We do not have any future advertising planned. Thank you.”

Great work all!

Your tweets and emails do matter. Many thanks for your continued participation in this accountability effort.

Onward we go…


Of note:

Despite concerns expressed by multiple interests groups as well as Fox News’ own sponsors, Fox News refuses to get the message. Roger Ailes (head of Fox News) and Rupert Murdoch have yet to deliver accountability for Glenn Beck’s reckless vitriol and willful deceit. This is why the DropFox effort is necessary. Stay tuned on Facebook and Twitter as DropFox gears up.