During the February 28 edition of Fox News Glenn Beck, Beck compared Detroit and Hiroshima. In short, he blamed “progressive policies” for “kill[ing]” Detroit:

Detroit Free Press summarizes the Glenn Beck’s remarks as follows:

Showing pictures of Hiroshima destroyed by an atomic bomb and decay in Detroit, Beck pointed out that Hiroshima today is a thriving metropolis and much of Detroit is in ruin.

“One city embraced the free market system and the entrepreneurial spirit,” Beck said. “The other embraced progressive policies and corrupt government and unions and companies that weren’t allowed to fail. And they should have failed because they stunk on ice.”

Needless to say, members of the Detroit community are not pleased.

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing issued a statement:

“Like many national media members, Glenn Beck has probably never been to Detroit, understood Detroit, and doesn’t care about Detroit. We welcome him to see and experience Detroit for himself so that he can deliver facts, rather than repeat fiction.”

Dan Lijana, a spokesman for Bing, added: the city isn’t offering a tour or to pay for his expenses, but rather inviting Beck to “learn something about Detroit, before speaking without facts or knowledge.”

Detroit Free Press has reactions from some Detroit council members:

“Detroit has become synonymous with black,” Councilwoman JoAnn Watson said, suggesting the comments are racially motivated. “Everyone is after Detroit.”

Councilman Ken Cockrel put it more frankly: “Glenn Beck is an idiot.”