We’ve recently started reaching out to Glenn Beck’s radio advertisers.

Columbia College (Missouri) was advertising on Glenn Beck’s radio show in Chicago, which is broadcast by Salem Communications’ AM 560 WIND.

As with television advertisers, participants in the StopBeck effort reached out to Columbia College. We kindly requested that they take the responsible action by refraining from financially supporting Glenn Beck’s vitriol.

In a statement sent to the StopBeck effort, Columbia College’s marketing communications partner confirmed they were removing ads from Glenn Beck’s radio program (emphasis added):

The previous media buying company did purchase time on the station on behalf of Columbia College. However, it needs to be noted that he bought commercial time on a broad rotating basis that could run from 9 am to 5 pm. He did not specifically buy the Glenn Beck program. Because of the rotation of the Columbia spots, some of our messages ended up in the Beck show. We were not sponsors of the program in any way and did not specifically buy his program.

To address this situation in the future, we have instructed the station not to run any Columbia College spots during the Beck program. It is our policy to avoid controversial radio and television programs for our clients where listeners and viewers might be offended.

Be assured that Columbia College did not intentionally buy the Glenn Beck program in the past as it was part of a commercial rotation.

Glenn Beck’s radio show is currently off the air in 3 cities – New York City, Philadelphia and Madison. Madison’s WTDY explained that they dropped Beck in part because “[t]he lack of actual content becomes more apparent daily.” New York’s WOR reportedly dropped Beck due to low ratings.

Further, thanks to Jewish Funds for Justice’s terrific work, 5 New York City radio stations have already committed to keeping Glenn Beck off the air there. Unfortunately, two New York City radio stations are holding out and have yet to agree to refrain from picking up Glenn Beck. Both of the hold out stations are owned by Salem Communications.

Maybe this latest advertiser drop at Salem’s Chicago affiliate will help them understand that Glenn Beck’s reckless vitriol is bad for business – a fact that even Fox News seems to be coming to terms with.

Anyway, great work all!



Of note…

  • More than 300 advertisers are currently boycotting Glenn Beck’s Fox News show – and the list continues to grow to this day.
  • The UK broadcast of his show has run for over a year without any commercials due to Glenn Beck’s ad losses there.