From the March 16 edition of Premiere Radio Networks’ The Glenn Beck Program:

BECK: You know what. I have to tell you something. You watch the attacks on me. You haven’t seen anything yet. You watch. You watch.

And, I just got up this morning and I was talking to my wife. She’s going to, she’s going to the temple today to pray. And, uh, we were talking about what, you know, she wanted to pray about and everything else. And, I said to her “Uhm, uh, honey. just pray for angels to be around us. Just pray for protection to be around us.”

And, I thought to myself: I don’t know how this year ends because they could just destroy us.

I talked to a station, our station in Chicago. I was talking to John and Amy this morning in Chicago on the morning show. And, that’s one of the stations where the Church of Soros is coming after me. The church of this religious organization that Soros is funding. The church of Soros.  I think it’s called free religion America or something like that.

Uhm, they’re trying to get me off the air in several stations and one of them is in Chicago. And, I said to them: “Thank you for having a backbone and knowing who George Soros is.” And, uhm, you know that’s just the way it is.  And, I explained to them: I know who I am. And, anything you would ever read about me from you know the 1980s, 1970s, 80s, or 90s, I’m not going to even gonna look into that much. Probably. I was probably so drunk at the time, at least in the 90s, that I won’t be able to verify or deny either way and I’m not gonna defend myself before I found salvation. So, whatever. Probably happened. It’s in the past. Don’t really know. Don’t care. Don’t care.

PAT GRAY [co-host]: Although some of it is nonsense. I have to..some of what they have said…

BECK: I guess you’re right. I’ve never murdered anybody. Uhm. But, I don’t really care.

As of 2000? Not a chance in your life. Not a chance in your life. I can sleep well. I know everything. I just know…

Somebody just finished this major investigation on me. I don’t know who it is. But, there’s somebody’s doing this major investigation on me. And, it’s like, really? What do you got? Who do you got? I don’t cheat on my…I overpay my income tax. Don’t. Don’t even try.  I mean. I was imagining it this morning. You know, some meeting where the guy’s coming in after all this investigation, searching through my trash and everything. And, just be like: ‘We got nothing on this guy. We got nothing. Well, well, he did overpay in his income tax.’

What do you got? Go for it. Give it your best shot. And, in the end, what it will be, it’ll just be wild smears and whatever. And, I think they just have to do what they’re doing now. ‘He’s crazy.  He’s a conspiracy theorist. He’s this. He’s that.’

Whatever! Don’t really care. I know how it ends. The good news is. I know how it ends!

And, you know, I’m not the only one. God’s got somebody else. God may have you.

To give some context here…

  • Just last week, the StopBeck effort began contacting Glenn Beck’s advertisers in Chicago and announced the first advertiser drop there. So, clearly your efforts there are riling up Beck.  Additionally, Faith in Public Life recently asked Christian radio stations to give up Glenn Beck for lent.
  • Due to terrific work by Color of Change, other organizations and your efforts more than 300 advertisers are currently boycotting Glenn Beck’s Fox News show – and the list continues to grow to this day.  Additionally, the UK broadcast of his show has run for over a year without any commercials due to Glenn Beck’s ad losses there.
  • After being dropped by affiliates, Glenn Beck’s radio show is currently off the air in 3 cities – New York City, Philadelphia and Madison.  New York’s WOR reportedly dropped Beck due to low ratings. Further, thanks to Jewish Funds for Justice 5 New York City radio stations have already committed to keeping Glenn Beck off there.  Madison’s WTDY explained that they dropped Beck in part because “[t]he lack of actual content becomes more apparent daily.”
  • And, lastly, let’s not forget Media Matters‘ emerging DropFox campaign and the recent NYT report that Fox officials are considering letting Glenn Beck go.

In other words, Glenn Beck has good reason to worry, but he only has himself to blame for his continued propagation of reckless vitriol and deceit.