From a March 23, 2011 NY Daily News article by Aliyah Shahid:

There are several indications that the whiteboard-loving host and Fox soon could be parting ways.

One of the network’s senior execs, Joel Cheatwood, is expected to join Beck’s media company, Mercury Radio Arts.

And Beck and his fiery rhetoric have created a rocky relationship with Fox advertisers.

A source told the Daily News that the number of advertisers currently boycotting Beck’s program is now closing in at 400.

According to Nielsen Media Research, during the first quarter of 2011, Beck lost more than a third of his audience over last year–more than one million viewers.

Those advertisers didn’t just magically disappear.  Advertisers are boycotting Beck in large part due to your persistent efforts to hold Glenn Beck accountable for his reckless vitriol and willful deceit.  For the record, the StopBeck effort has been reporting that Beck’s advertiser losses exceed 300 for several months now. The NY Daily News‘ report is consistent with our internal numbers.

Unfortunately, Shahid did not reach out to the StopBeck effort for information about Glenn Beck’s advertiser losses or financial information.  We would have been happy to provide it. Regardless, it’s still good to see more news outlets reporting the established fact that Glenn Beck has proven to be bad for business.

Great work all!

Onward we go…