With increased speculation about Fox News letting go of Glenn Beck and the surrounding hubbub, more details surface.

Deadline.com reports that Beck’s team once flirted with the idea of creating a cartoon based on the world of Glenn Beck:

Last year, we’d heard that an animated Family Guy-style primetime series about Beck tried to enlist Hollywood TV showrunners. It would revolve around the “world” of Glenn Beck and would have him doing his own voice, and maybe most of the voices in the sitcom. The idea was to establish him as a conservative answer to Seth MacFarlane. However, I heard that a problem was that showrunners who’d been approached about writing and producing the toon were resistant. “Lots of liberal comedy writers want nothing to do with Glenn Beck,” said one writer familiar with the proposed toon.”

Now if only Deadline had reached out to the StopBeck effort. I could have given them some examples of cartoons that Glenn Beck already produced.

Or, Glenn Beck offering the history of immigration:

Or, Glenn Beck discussing the history of Christmas: