started sponsoring Glenn Beck. Consistent with past actions, participants in the StopBeck effort reached out.  We informed that nearly 400 advertisers currently refuse to sponsor Glenn Beck’s reckless vitriol. And, we kindly requested that follow the responsible action of hundreds of other advertisers.

Jay Steinfeld,’s CEO, ignored scores of requests from StopBeck participants. But, he did take the time to respond to a few of Beck’s defenders.

In one tweet,’s Steinfeld expressed gratitude for a tweet that characterized StopBeck effort participants as a “motley crew of homo activists:”

In another, Steinfeld refers to “SB army” (presumably StopBeck army) in response to another tweet, which characterized Angelo of @StopBeck, who is gay, as working for “Nazi Soros who helped round up gays & Jews.”

I’ve been doing this for quite a while. I’ve contacted tons of advertisers. I’ve never experienced anything even remotely close to the flagrantly insulting response displayed by’s CEO.

Given that nearly 400 companies are currently boycotting Glenn Beck, I guess we should expect that the few that are still willing to financially support Beck would also be supportive of the kind of reckless vitriol the StopBeck effort is challenging. I just didn’t expect them to be so brazenly supportive of it.

Onward we go…