Beginning February 9, 2010, the UK broadcast of Glenn Beck’s Fox News Show began running without any advertisements. It remained sponsor-less for nearly a year.

On February 7, 2011, just before 1 year anniversary of Beck’s UK broadcast running sponsor-less, a small amount of ads returned.  Consequently, along with the StopBeck UK effort, participants in the StopBeck effort sprang to action. We contacted advertisers and kindly requested that the follow the responsible action taken by hundreds of other companies and refrain from financially supporting Glenn Beck’s vitriol.

In short order, advertisers quickly fled Glenn Beck’s UK broadcast again. On February 18, 2011, Glenn Beck’s UK broadcast resumed running without advertisements. It has remained ad-free since (Fox News’ little trouble with daylight savings time aside).  Additionally, the StopBeck effort has confirmed that UK advertisers were informed that advertising slots during Beck’s program would no longer be sold to anyone. In other words, that the ads are back off.

It may not have been consecutive, but Beck’s UK broadcast has now run for more than a year without advertisements.  Glenn Beck’s lost advertisers at home and abroad represent real financial consequences for Fox News.

Great work all!

Onward we go…


Video of a commercial break for Glenn Beck’s show in the UK compared with another Fox News show broadcast in the UK. You’ll see that Glenn Beck’s show is no longer runs paid advertisements, whereas other Fox News Channel shows in the UK continue to have paid ads: