Tim Cuprisin at OnWilwaukee.com reports that Milwaukee’s WISN-AM is dropping Glenn Beck’s radio show:

I’ve learned that WISN-AM (1130) is canceling Glenn Beck’s daily radio show as of April 18.

The controversial TV/radio talker had been airing in the 8 to 10 a.m. weekday slot, with the third hour of his syndicated show running from 9 to 10 p.m.

There’s no comment yet from WISN management, but the move is designed to accommodate Jay Weber’s local morning show, which will air from 6 to 10 a.m., starting April 18.


Beck’s radio show is syndicated by Premiere Radio Networks which, like WISN, is owned by Clear Channel Communications.

In addition to WISN, at least 7 other stations have dropped Glenn Beck’s radio show since the beginning of the year.

Buckley radio dropped Beck from five of its stations –  WOR in New York City and four in Connecticut. Philadelphia’s WPHT and Madison’s WTDY also replaced Beck.  Kansas City’s KMBZ moved Glenn Beck from his coveted morning slot to a significantly less desirable late-evening slot.

Further, due to Jewish Funds for Justice’s terrific work, five New York City radio stations have already committed to keeping Glenn Beck off the air there.

Although much attention has been given to the dramatic decline of Glenn Beck’s sponsor-dry Fox News show, this significant drop in radio support reminds us that Beck’s decline isn’t limited to just television.

Onward we go…

(h/t: Thanks to StopBeck effort participant @Rico500 for alerting us to this news.)

Update 4/7/11: WISN’s program director explains that they dropped Glenn Beck because he’s bad for business:

This is nothing more than a business decision by a station that’s focusing during the morning hours on its local talent, rather than syndicated programming that fits its conservative talk focus. And Beck’s ratings made it a relatively easy decision on WISN’s end.


WISN program director Jerry Bott didn’t focus much on ratings when I talked to him about the end of Beck’s show here.

“It didn’t perform as well as we had hoped,” Bott told me.