By now, you might have heard that Fox News is canceling Glenn Beck’s television show.  But, did you know that since the beginning of 2011, 8 radio stations have dropped Glenn Beck’s radio show their lineup?  Buckley radio dropped Beck from five of its stations –  WOR in New York City and four in Connecticut. Philadelphia’s WPHT, Madison’s WTDY and Milwaukee’s WISN also replaced Beck.

In addition to losing 8 stations, Kansas City’s KMBZ moved Glenn Beck from his desirable morning slot to the less desirable late evening slot. In Beck’s old slot, KMBZ moved in local talker Chris Merrill. After making this move, KMBZ discovered that replacing Beck is actually good for business.

From an April 4, 2011 article in The Kansas City Star:

Four hours before KMBZ-AM began simulcasting on 98.1 FM, Chris Merrill spent a commercial break scrolling through his Facebook page to see if anyone else hated his show.

“Glenn Beck fans,” Merrill said. “Only a couple of them today.”

Earlier in March, the KMBZ fill-in host was given the 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. time slot, replacing the syndicated “Glenn Beck Show,” which was kicked to late nights. Beck Nation responded by calling the new host a “buffoon,” “insulting” and “sick,” among the descriptives we can print.

By last week, however, they’d moved on. Now KMBZ was gearing up to welcome tens of thousands of incoming listeners on March 30, the sales people and listen-at-work types who preferred listening to FM.

“We’re going to have access to an all-new audience,” said Merrill, a father of three school-age kids. “Most of the Gen-X and millennials aren’t used to AM. That’s Dad’s station.”

Something tells me that KMBZ won’t be the last station to discover that Glenn Beck is bad for business and act accordingly.