Glenn Beck was instructed to stop using a portion of a Metric song in his bumper music. Why? Because Metric didn’t want the “association” with Beck. Good for them!

Back in March, Thomas Horn, a Metric fan, informed the band that Glenn Beck was using a portion of their song Rock Me Now as bumper music during his radio show.

Well, surprise! Metric didn’t know that Beck was doing this and swiftly took corrective action. And, today, the band announced that Glenn Beck would no longer be using their music as bumper music.

In announcing this, Metric also published the email Metric’s vocalist Emily Haines sent to the fan that alerted them about this matter. Here’s a portion:

Hey Thomas,

Thank you so much for letting us know about this. No, we didn’t give Glenn Beck permission to use our music. That guy’s my nightmare!

When we got your letter, we immediately contacted our publisher with a mortified WTF?? As it turns out, the usage you heard is actually covered by something known as a “blanket license” which allows radio stations to play your music without asking permission first. The idea being, I guess, that every radio station in the world doesn’t have to ask for permission every time they want to play a song from somebody’s album. Instead, they pay a blanket fee to the publisher and can play your music as much or as little as they want.

In this case, since they mercifully only used a few seconds of our song as part of the intro to his talk show, the use was considered “incidental”, which is covered by the blanket license. As they state in their letter below, they were well within their rights. To their credit, they stopped using our song right away when we asked, even though legally they didn’t even have to. Wow, imagine if they hadn’t offered to drop it? I’m really happy I didn’t have to take them on. I have a feeling good old Glenn has one hell of a legal team.

You can read full correspondence as well as the letter from Beck’s legal team here.

Kudos to Metric and thanks to Mr. Horn for taking action here.

As an aside, Metric isn’t the only band to have a bit of trouble with Beck’s forced association. Muse comes to mind.