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Total number of companies that refuse to have ads run on Glenn Beck: 300+

Your efforts are working: In addition to advertiser losses at home, the UK broadcast of Glenn Beck’s show has run for over a year without ads due to your efforts.

Notably: Reports by the New York Daily News, New York Times Magazine and The Washington Post demonstrate that the number of companies unwilling to advertise on Glenn Beck’s show continues to grow to this day…

  • Most recently, on March 23, 2011, New York Daily News reported that the total number of companies that refuse to run ads on Glenn Beck’s show is approaching 400.
  • On September 29, 2010, New York Times Magazine put that number at 296.
  • On March 15, 2010, The Washington Post reported that the number exceeded 200.

Keep it up!

To date (3/30/11), here is a list of statements from a fraction of the total number of advertisers that either pulled ads from or took proactive measures to ensure that their ads do not appear on the Glenn Beck Program in the United States, the U.K., or both. [Note: An advertiser's presence in this list does not suggest or imply endorsement of StopBeck effort. It merely states the simple truth that these companies do not advertise on Glenn Beck's program. For details about individual reasoning, please see the accompanying statement.]

  • ADT (added 11/5/10) (statement)
  • Aegon (added 9/14/09)
  • Airmiles.co.uk (added 10/20/09)
  • Allergan (added 8/17/09)
  • Allstate Insurance (added 2/16/10) (statement)
  • Ally Bank/GMAC Financial Services (added 8/17/09)
  • Alpro Soya (added 01/11/10) (statement) [see note 5]
  • American Express (added 12/7/10) (statement)
  • AmMed Direct (added 10/6/09)
  • Ancestry.com (added 8/24/09) (statement)
  • Anheuser-Busch (added 2/16/10) (statement)
  • Apple (report) [see note 6]
  • Applebee’s (added 8/27/09)
  • Ashley Furniture (added 8/28/09)
  • AT&T (added 8/24/09)
  • AVON (added 7/29/10) (statement)
  • Bank of America (added 8/25/09)
  • Bell & Howell (added 8/27/09)
  • Best Buy (added 8/17/09)
  • Best Western (added 2/5/10) (statement)
  • Binder & Binder (added 9/2/09)
  • Blaine Labs (anti-fungal & scar treatments) (added 8/24/09)
  • BMW (added 4/1/10) (statement)
  • Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals (added 2/16/10) (statement)
  • Brez (anti-snoring strips) by Airware Inc. (added 8/21/09)
  • British Airways (added 12/14/09)
  • Broadview Security (added 8/17/09)
  • Brother International Corp. (added 2/16/10) (statement)
  • Cadillac (added 5/8/10) (statement)
  • Campbell’s Soup Co. (added 8/24/09)
  • Capital One (added 9/2/09)
  • Celsius (added 2/16/10) (statement)
  • Citrix Online/GoToMyPC (added 10/6/09)
  • Clorox (added 8/23/09)
  • Closing.com (Closing Corp.) (added 8/28/09) (read statement here)
  • Coca-Cola (added 6/24/10) (statement)
  • Concord Music Group (Hear Music) (added 10/6/09)
  • Constant Contact (added 10/15/10) (statement)
  • CVS (added 8/17/09)
  • Dairy Crest (added 7/5/10) (statement)
  • Dannon Co. (added 9/2/09)
  • Diageo (Guinness, Cuervo, Baileys’, etc) (added 10/5/09)
  • DirecTV (added 8/27/09)
  • Discover (added 9/2/09)
  • DITECH (added 8/24/09)
  • EggLands Best (added 9/21/09)
  • Elations Co. (added 8/24/09)
  • Equifax (added 10/6/09)
  • Eulactol USA (maker of Flexitol) (added 10/6/09)
  • Farmers Insurance Group
  • Fly.com/TravelZoo (added 7/21/10) (statement)
  • FreeCreditReport.com/Experian (added 8/24/09)
  • General Mills (added 8/27/09)
  • George Foreman Cooking (added 2/20/10) (statement)
  • GetARoom.com (added 10/6/09)
  • GlaxoSmithKline (added 1/12/10) (statement)
  • Halifax (added 2/14/11) (statement)
  • Healthy Choice (owned by CongAgra)
  • Helzberg Diamonds (added 12/1/10) (statement)
  • History Channel (added 11/11/09)
  • Hoffman La Roche (maker of Boniva) (added 10/6/09)
  • Holiday Inn (added 5/12/10) (statement)
  • Honda (added 1/31/10) (statement)
  • HSBC (added 9/2/09)
  • Humana (added 9/14/09)
  • ICAN Benefit Group Insurance (added 9/2/09)
  • Idaho Potato Commission (added 2/16/10) (statement)
  • Infiniti (added 9/2/09)
  • Intersections Inc. (added 2/16/10)
  • ING DIRECT (added 01/07/09) (statement)
  • Jack Daniels (Updated 12/28/09) [see note 4]
  • Jelmar (CLR cleaner manufacturer) (added 9/2/09)
  • Johnson & Johnson (added 8/24/09)
  • Jordan McKenna Debt Counseling Network (added 9/2/09)
  • Jordans (added 2/14/11) (statement) [see note 8]
  • Kaplan Tutoring (added 7/8/10) (statement)
  • KFC (UK) (a Yum Brands! subsidiary) (statement) (added 7/12/10)
  • Kodak (added 1/21/11) (statement)
  • KRAFT Foods (added 8/20/09) (read statement here)
  • KRAFT Foods (UK) (added 11/13/09)
  • Lawyers.com (owned by LexisNexis)
  • Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School (added 2/16/10) (statement)
  • Logo TV (added 3/23/10) (statement)
  • Lowe’s (added 8/24/09) (statement)
  • Luxottica Retail (parent company of Pearle & LensCrafters) (added 9/14/09)
  • Match.com (added 3/17/11) (statement)
  • Mars (maker of Snickers, M&Ms, Pedigree, etc..) (added 10/20/09) (read statement here)
  • Marriott International (added 2/16/10) (statement)
  • Men’s Wearhouse
  • Mercedes-Benz (added 9/2/09)
  • MetLife Bank (added 8/5/10) (statement)
  • Metropolitan Talent Management (added 10/6/09) [see note 3]
  • Michelin (added 11/18/10) (statement)
  • Monsanto (added 2/4/11) (statement)
  • Natwest (UK) (added 12/11/09)
  • Nestle (added 05/03/10) (statement)
  • Northland Juices (added 4/8/09) (statement)
  • NutriSystem (added 8/24/09) (statement) [see note 7]
  • ooVoo (added 10/6/09)
  • Overture Films (added 10/6/09)
  • Polaroid (added 10/2/10) (statement)
  • Premier Foods (UK) (added 11/18/09)
  • Premier Inn (UK) (added 12/20/09)
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Progressive Insurance
  • Prudential (added 1/28/10) (statement)
  • PUIG Beauty (added 12/14/09)
  • Purity Products (added 6/8/10) (statement)
  • Radio Shack
  • Re-Bath (added 8/17/09)
  • Reckitt Benckiser (UK) (added 12/04/09)
  • Regions Financial Corporation (added 8/27/09)
  • Republic of Macedonia (added 2/16/10) (statement)
  • Roche [see note 1]
  • S.C. Johnson
  • SAM (Store and Move) (added 8/27/09)
  • Sanofi-Aventis
  • Sargento Cheese
  • Scarguard (added 10/6/09)
  • Schiff Nutrition (maker of Tiger’s Milk & Fi-Bar) (added 10/6/09)
  • Sears (added 5/18/10) (statement)
  • Seoul Metropolitan Government (added 10/6/09)
  • Simplex Healthcare (Diabetes Care Club) (added 9/2/09)
  • Smith & Nephew (added 2/9/11)
  • Sprint (added 8/23/09)
  • StarKist (tuna) (added 2/8/10) (statement)
  • State Farm Insurance (added 8/12/09) (statement)
  • Subaru (added 10/6/09)
  • Sylvan Learning (added 2/20/10) (statement)
  • Tesco (added 12/19/09)
  • Toyota-Lexus USA (added 10/6/09) / Toyota (GB) (added 2/3/10) (statement)
  • Travelers Insurance (added 8/27/09)
  • Travelocity
  • TurboTax (added 3/10/10) (statement)
  • UPS (added 8/23/09)
  • United Healthcare (added 2/16/10) (statement)
  • United States Postal Service (added 9/14/09)
  • US Fidelis (added 2/16/10) (statement)
  • Verizon Wireless (added 8/21/09)
  • Virgin Atlantic (added 01/08/10)
  • Vodafone (added 07/02/10) (statement)
  • Vonage (added 8/24/09)
  • Volkswagen (added 2/16/10)
  • Waitrose (added 10/4/09) [see note 2]
  • Walmart (added 8/17/09)
  • Weight Watchers (added 2/20/10) (statement)
  • Western Union (added 2/16/10)
  • Woodland Power Products (added 10/6/09)
  • Wyeth Consumer Healthcare (added 9/14/09)
  • Yorkshire Tea (added 2/9/11) (statement)
  • Zoosk (added 8/2/10) (statement)


  1. Roche has reneged on their commitment to cease sponsoring Glenn Beck.
  2. Waitrose has removed all advertising from the Fox News Channel in protest over Glenn Beck.
  3. Metropolitan Talent Management will not purchase any ads on the Fox News Channel in protest over Glenn Beck.
  4. Jack Daniels is pulling their ads from all political shows.
  5. Alpro Soya has pulled their advertisements from all of Fox News.
  6. Apple has removed all advertising from the Fox News Channel.
  7. Beginning April 5, Nutrisystem ceased honoring their commitment not to advertise on Glenn Beck’s program.  Please contact them and urge them to honor their original commitment.
  8. Jordans actually decided against advertising on all of Fox News.


I want to recognize the following organizations’ contributions in holding Glenn Beck accountable for his irresponsible vitriol, propagation of sexism and preying on racial anxiety. So, thank you: Color of Change, SEIU and Media Matters.

And, of course, big thanks to all this participating in the StopBeck Effort.  Your tweets and emails do matter.

Onward we go..


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  • #1 written by dudley
    about 3 years ago

    You people are the bigots!

  • #2 written by dudley
    about 3 years ago

    Have you seen the news for today (3-23-2011)?

  • #3 written by TJ
    about 3 years ago

    What is moral about taking what is not yours to take without ones’ permission to do so? Elfersdon is correct about America losing its faith in God. Morals came from faith whether you want to believe in a God or not. America has lost its moral ground and will continue to decline until it wakes up and works to regain it.

  • #4 written by Kingkong
    about 3 years ago

    Fucking ridiculous this website is a stupid LIE. You will never succeed.

  • #5 written by Ryan Genov Gallagher
    about 3 years ago

    or steal a phrase coined by Keith Olbermann like “fixed news” and run with it like you’re such a smartass, lol

  • #6 written by tphughes
    about 3 years ago

    The left is far more full of vitriol than Glenn Beck ever dreamed of being. Give me a break! It is okay if the left does it, and believe me, you all did during George Bush’s presidency. You are all hypocrits!

  • #7 written by Laura May
    about 3 years ago

    well you can count on myself and family will not shop or purchase any of the above products or stores I have 3 capital one cards which I will cut up today Im sorry but it seems to me that you all have a problem and its because Glenn has opened the eyes of thousands of people to just what the SEIU is. and how can you say progagtioin of sexism and preying on racial anxiety, your nuts. you are the ones who are the bigots

  • #8 written by Think
    about 3 years ago

    Been around 73 years and you don’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re”. Bravo.

  • #9 written by jjmcc78
    about 3 years ago

    To all of the companies that have decided to praticipate in this STO GLENN BECK campain be it known that I will not longer buy anything from you companies. I can nolonger support any company that does not Support FREE Speach and the US Constitution or watch the History Channel.
    John, Plymouth MA

  • #10 written by PintoBean1128
    about 3 years ago


  • #11 written by Bre34807
    about 3 years ago

      HA HA GLEN BECK – to all the rednecks who will not supporting the companies who dropped beck, who cares you idiots do not any money anyway  

  • #12 written by Charles M
    about 3 years ago

    While Glenn is somewhat entertaining. As a student of the tactics and operations of the far left from their very origins over the last 125 years or so, Glenn barely scratches the surface. The fundamental problem with all leftist is that they are oblivious to thier past. They cannont fathom the fact their slogans they view as reality, such as ”Truth To Power” originated in circles they despise. A pure fiction taken in the context of ignorance and reincarnated in a bliss of stupidity.  

    Not a very good standard to promote any moral code on any scale. The long history of destruction left behind in the wake of this anti-intellectual pogram lies the failures of Western Civilization today.

    Leading the charge on this degeneration of civil society are 1000′s of instances of foolish thinking as presented here on this site. If you can’t win in the battle of ideas, strong arming and thuggery is the definitive admission of a failed argument. Which of course is SOP of the left.

  • #13 written by ibwilliamsi
    about 2 years ago

    Well I think you’re a dumb fuck. That’s free speech too.

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