Glenn Beck Has Lost 119 Sponsors, Now What…

In the past two weeks, Glenn Beck lost his 100th, 10st and 102nd sponsor.


[Update #1, 2/17/10]: Celsius becomes 103rd company to remove advertisements from Glenn Beck’s show because of your efforts.

[Update #2, 2/17/10]: Color of Change announced additional companies that dropped Glenn Beck, bringing total number of lost sponsors to 116.

[Update #3, 2/22/10]: Weight Watchers, George Foreman Cooking and Sylvan Learning dropped Glenn Beck. This brings the total lost sponsors to 119.


His sponsor lost seems to be having a real effect as his show in the U.K. was without sponsors the past 10 days.  This must be striking a nerve as the right-wing attack machine is already churning out More >


Help Glenn Beck Buy A Mercedes!

This week, Glenn Beck boasted about his new car – a “death-proof” Mercedes.  It immediately made me think of the time a few years ago when Glenn Beck asked all of his fans to send him money, so he could buy a new car.

Now, keep in mind, this is from the same guy that apparently gets a real laugh out of mocking homeless people who ask him for money.  In June 2003, Glenn Beck launched a “new car fund,” which he asked his fans to fill for him.  Mind you, this is real – not a joke. From his website: (more…)

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