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Lists of current or recently active sponsors of Glenn Beck’s hate.  Please help the effort by tweeting, emailing or calling them.

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In the United Kingdom…

Your efforts have been totally successful! Glenn Beck’s show in the U.K. has run without advertisements since February 9.

Accordingly, there are no UK advertisers to contact. And, with the assistance of the StopBeck – UK effort, we will continue to monitor his UK broadcast and hold the line against advertisers returning.

  • #1 written by Lisalindo
    about 3 years ago

    Where is the U.S. list????

  • #2 written by Gorilla Atheist
    about 3 years ago

    I need to know when this is back up. I am in!

  • #3 written by curious
    about 3 years ago

    Hello, Will the list return anytime soon?

  • #4 written by Dgruhlke
    about 3 years ago

    LB- I strongly encourage you to do the researach that Beck recommends you do, and you will find for yourself that the “educational material” he presents about our country is skewed at best, and lies at their worst. What do you mean by not seeing anyone promote our founding fathers? What does that have to do with anything? Wrapping yourself in a flag makes you no more a patriot than a wolf a sheep when wrapped in sheep’s clothing. The Constitution was a deficient document at it’s origin, thus the need for Bill of Rights and subsequent Amendments… of course what would President Obama know being a Constitutional Scholar from Harvard. I would guess Beck got his history education at Liberty University.

  • #5 written by Djgruhlke
    about 3 years ago

    Like Like Like Like Like

  • #6 written by Djgruhlke
    about 3 years ago

    Where in Article 1 does it say that child and educational credits are constitutional? Standard deduction? I don’t think the Constitution was meant to also serve as the tax code.

  • #7 written by Djgruhlke
    about 3 years ago

    Where in the constitution does it say that the Federal Government can prohibit smoking in commercial airplanes? Does this mean that this is unconstitutional too?

  • #8 written by Djgruhlke
    about 3 years ago

    And it’s the Right who wraps themselves in the Americal flag while subverting the constitution.

  • #9 written by Dustin Gruhlke
    about 3 years ago

    I’ve been wondering when GB is going to be on one of those commercials…

  • #10 written by Gates9
    about 3 years ago

    Does it get any more definitive than an attempted cop-killer blatantly admitting that Beck was his inspiration for engaging in violent activity?

    Beck has been walking a razor-thin line for years. His conspiracy theories are vague drivel at worst, and obtuse pseudo-intellectual nonsense at best. The colorful and vivid descriptions of his violent fantasies hardly pass for satire. Perhaps he might be well served if he took a few college English and literature courses.

    Mr. Beck repeatedly describes vivid fantasies about literally killing so-called “Progressives”, such as Nancy Pelosi, Michael Moore, and Keith Olbermann, to name a few.

    While Mr. Beck would like the scrupulous public to believe that his insane rants are merely poorly-composed political satire, rather than thinly-veiled hate speech, most of us know better.

    The others show up at political rallies with semi-automatic assault rifles and ridiculous tri-corner hats.

    Now, with “Beck University”, he can turn out maladjusted and violent white trash morons at an industrial pace and set them on their mission;

    Destroy America, and anyone that wants to make the world a more tolerant, peaceful, and intellectual place.

  • #11 written by Tdholden
    about 3 years ago

    Beck is the most common sense broadcaster around. He knows the Obama socialist and their organizations. Don’t stop the messenger…on any subject. Huff Post is nothing more than a gossip rag for little whiners to blow off steam. If anything should be stopped it’s the BS that hp puts up everyday.

  • #12 written by Truthofpolitics
    about 3 years ago

    You’re late. It’s after 8PM on Friday, October 15. If you do get around to posting a list, I’ll be happy to send those advertisers an E-mail thanking them for not giving into the thought police who would prefer that only people who think what they think should be allowed to be on the air.

  • #13 written by Thinking Doesn't Hurt...
    about 3 years ago

    I am a registered Republican. I’m for military spending and right to bear arms (although I have nothing wrong with certain restrictions– you don’t need a Rambo gun to take down an elk or shoot skeet). I’m atheist. I believe in a woman’s right to choose. I am for gay marriage/rights. I voted for Obama.
    I’m appalled that the party I’m officially aligned with has stooped to such archaic religious views. It’s not a political party anymore, it’s a CHURCH! I’m further disgusted that fringe extremists like Glenn Beck get so much air time and attention. I’m sure that at first he was quite the gimmick; but it’s gotten to the point where his inflammatory and unregulated hate speech is inspiring violence! This is not a partisan issue. It is not a freedom of speech issue: you have the right to say whatever you want; you still can’t scream FIRE in a crowded theater.

  • #14 written by None
    about 3 years ago

    Exactly, I came here specifically to find a list and yet there is none. I know the fascist Mormon shitpile still has people advertising on his treasonous show, where is it?

  • #15 written by Spanish guest
    about 3 years ago

    Helping their neighbour, unless they happen to be gay, black, hispanic, jewish, or in fact anything other than heterosexuall and caucasian! And if you want the money to pay for social reforms, try getting the super-rich and the multinational coorporations to pay there fair share of taxes, instead of scuttling it away in hidden accounts all over the world!
    People such as those in the Tea Party are irrational racist homophobes, who only believe in free speech and equality for extremist so called christians like themselves, remind you of anyone from Germany around the 1930′s. To me these people are far scarier than muslim extremists, who have far less power and influence.

  • #16 written by Anonymous
    about 3 years ago

    This is how to do it. Congratulations!

  • #17 written by Filabolo
    about 3 years ago

    Fantastic comment. While I am “out there” on the left on many issues, you have perfectly summed up my view of the present danger to our democracy.

  • #18 written by Wjksea
    about 3 years ago

    What does it mean to be a “conservative”. Maybe I’m one too but not at all by the standards of the political hacks in the republican party, Bachman, Cantor, Boehner, Palin, DeMint…to name just a few. These people are lethal swine who are the domestic terrorist threat to the United States. I see our constitution under siege by these prostitutes who have sold the last remnants of their humanity to the transnational billionaires who have been working aggressively to buy the government out from under the people.

  • #19 written by Bugboy
    about 3 years ago

    I have to say while I’ve never considered myself much of a conservative, it’s the lies and misdirection of the the far right that has turned me off of being anything but a liberal. I share much of your very same outlook on the world, however. Why can’t there be more enlightenment? Why must this all sink to tribal knee jerk reactions to hot button issues that when it comes right down to it, are meaningless?

    Your post speaks truth to the frustration we all feel…what happened to a principled opposition? Our country cannot exist as GOP would prefer it…absent the Democratic party (or other parties), absent a Liberal opposition, absent the controls that keep the ill winds that blow capitalism adrift from doing things that benefit society as a whole.

  • #20 written by Wjksea
    about 3 years ago

    Good points. The United States is filled with very level headed, reasonable intelligent people. It’s tragic that the idiots and narcissistic opportunists have the stage. We have a privatized special interest media to thank for that and while critique is due to all cable T.V., Fox is raw dangerous propaganda. It’s not guaranteed free speech to walk into the airport and yell “bomb” yet Glenn Beck is permitted to spew relentlessly, crazy distortions. What happened to the protections that restricted faux news that came about as a result of the negative impact of 1930′s Orson Welles War of the Worlds? Fox Faux News should be required to present a frequent disclaimer that it is entertainment and not real news. Oh what a tangled web Rupert Murdoch Weaves as he practices to deceive.

  • #21 written by Wjksea
    about 3 years ago

    If you really were informed you would know that republican politicians have been highly supportive of permitting illegals to cross the border. Do you not know the history of Ronald Reagan on this matter? Ronald was honored in recent years by standing republicans. The republican party has behind the scenes been the biggest supporter of getting people to cross the border that will “do the jobs americans won’t”. Have you forgotten Bush on this? Illegals crossing the border has been good for many businesses like the meat packing plants in Dodge City Kansas and you can be rest assured, the owners and top administrator vote republican. This is what troubles me with so many like yourself. You don’t know the history and only listen to political ads, Fox faux news and other sources of propaganda. Either you’ve been duped or your success comes through deceit.

  • #22 written by Bgordon
    about 3 years ago

    I can’t find updated list… it is Oct. 16th today. It would be WONDERFUL if you included email addresses for HS’s of the sponsoring companies. Many more would participate. Takes way too long to look up every company. Please?

  • #23 written by Utahmink
    about 3 years ago

    just found thanks to Crooks and Liars. So where are the names of US advertisers. My fingers are aching to send some emails. Thanks to the folks at and most of all to the people worldwide who are supporting the efforts.

  • #24 written by Mariglods
    about 3 years ago

    YOu’re not going to make your self-imposed deadline of Oct 1, 5 pm.
    I’d really like to see the list. Beck needs to be put off the air.

  • #25 written by Skatz
    about 3 years ago

    It’s Oct 17th where is the list?

  • #26 written by RURIGHT
    about 3 years ago

    You’re a DAMN LIAR!! You never served in the military you punk and you have never been a Republican. You’re a sissy of the left and a pitiful individual who has never watched Glenn Beck.
    As a Vietnam Vet I’ve seen you ass wipes of the left throw piss and feces on returning vets. I remember you bastards from my college days and it’s only you marxist,socialist,progressives who burn the American flag! You’re a loser and most likely a momma’s boy as most liberlas are. Military and Republican my ass! Go suck on a cabbage you low bred Marxist Socialist DemonRat!

  • #27 written by steve
    about 3 years ago

    ROTFLMAO you are no conservative! I have no problem with what you believe and stand for but you are about as “conservative ” as Ted Williams was Yankee! Just be proud of what you are and stop trying to get over as a “seminar caller” / poster.

  • #28 written by Reset Congress
    about 3 years ago

    I will continue to support Glenn Beck’s sponsors because he is my hero and has transformed my life for the better. I sooooo look forward to hearing him on the radio and watching him on TV. He makes me laugh, brings tears to my eyes, educates me on history, and entertains me.

  • #29 written by loveglenn
    about 3 years ago

    Where is the new list of remaining sponsors? I would really like to print it off, as I did with the ones that have pulled their ads. It helps to know where to spend my money. :)

  • #30 written by notoveryet
    about 3 years ago

    I’m a Liberal, and I see Beck’s paranoia as dangerous to the very foundations of our country. He is leading vulnerable, mostly undereducated people to believe that half of the country is their mortal enemy. What is helpful to our political dialogue about that? I heard Beck say just as his show began that he didn’t even believe the things he was saying and that if people did, that was just money in the bank for him. If you have noticed, as his ratings and sponsorship have gone down, his posturing has been dialed up! He is desperately trying to hold onto his audience, and his brand of paranoia seems to sell to the far right wing these days. Unfortunately, it is leaking into the more moderate parts of the conservative part of the nation. He needs to be stopped. He distorts the Constitution and inflames his audience into believing that the present administration is running rampant over it. People who are strict constructionist often haven’t studied it in its original setting. That includes studying the Founding Fathers and what they believed themselves. You can get a good idea of what I mean quickly from this contentious subject of separation of church and state. Many people on the right say that it isn’t in the Constitution in the 1st Amendment because they say that it doesn’t say it explicitly. However, the intent is clear. Also, the Founding Fathers made it crystal clear in their communications with each other. Check out these outtakes from signer of the Constitution, James Madison’s, outtakes from some of his letters:

    “Strongly guarded as is the separation between Religion & Govt in the Constitution of the United States the danger of encroachment by Ecclesiastical Bodies, may be illustrated by precedents already furnished in their short history attempts where religious bodies had already tried to encroach on the government]. [James Madison, Detached Memoranda, 1820]”

    “To the Baptist Churches on Neal’s Greek on Black Creek, North Carolina I have received, fellow-citizens, your address, approving my objection to the Bill containing a grant of public land to the Baptist Church at Salem Meeting House, Mississippi Territory. Having always regarded the practical distinction between Religion and Civil Government as essential to the purity of both, and as guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States, I could not have otherwise discharged my duty on the occasion which presented itself [James Madison, Letter to Baptist Churches in North Carolina, June 3, 1811]”

    People like Beck distort these issues, and they are taken up by others in the conservative media who pass them along to others. I hope that having a Republican Congress has dampened some of the flames in our country, but entertainers such as Beck and Rush Limbaugh only exist if they can find material for their shows. The only solution to the Beck problem, therefore, is to get him off the air. Unfortunately, he also has a radio show that pays him much more than his Fox gig does. He’s like a cockroach. Run him out of one haven, and he’ll just scurry to another damp, dark place. We have much work to do.

    I’ve retired from the military and now fight for our wounded warriors as they come back broken and damaged. I have read all of our founding documents AND all of the historical communications between the Founding Fathers. It was obvious that their intent was for this young country to be a place of freedom for all and a place where all viewpoints were welcome. It was not obvious that only one point of view – that of the fanatical Right – was supposed to be allowed to take over the political conversation of the country and to exclude all others as Beck and Fox News are trying to do these days. They wanted the government to be run to ‘promote the general welfare’. I think that conservatives tend to ignore that phrase. That phrase, socialistic as it sounds, covers just as much territory as the phrase, ‘secure the blessings of liberty’. Both of those phrases working together make our country a civilized, wonderful place to live. And the definition of each changes as time passes and technology progresses. Most reasonable people wouldn’t disagree that creating a public school system as part of the ‘promote the general welfare’ part has been a huge part of making America the superpower of the world that it has been. Yet, it was something that was instituted as the country evolved. That’s what’s so wonderful about our Constitution. It is flexible to adapt to new challenges presented with new times.

    Folks, times change. I know that conservatives want to hold back the tide of change and keep things just the way they were. The lady that cried, “I want my country back!” didn’t realize that ‘her country’ was already so different from the country of her grandparents as to be unrecognizable to them. People like Beck who lie and inflame one part of the country against the rest of the country only make it harder for us to go forward – and we WILL go forward – unless you know of a way to make time stand still. We need all points of view at the table to help come up with solutions to keep our country strong as we go forward. With people like Beck in the equation, there is only going backward. That is a good possibility. Sadly.

  • #31 written by Carol
    about 3 years ago

    Don’t you libs have anything better to do? You should listen to Glenn Beck; you might learn something. He is a great guy and loved and followed by millions!

  • #32 written by Carol
    about 3 years ago

    You libs are just mad because you lost big time in the elections..2010! all you can do is attack Conservative Radio and T.V., you are hopeless…just jump in the back seat and come along for the ride…lol

  • #33 written by Bruce
    about 3 years ago

    I’m not sure who is responsible for this so called “boycott” but this is pure envy. All Glenn is doing is telling the truth about what’s happening in this crazy world. If you don’t like his message just turn the station. The same as I do to the left wing idiots on MSNBC like Kieth O. There’s someone that should be boycott. What a piece of work! But I chose to turn the station because he has the right to say whatever he wants, no matter how wrong he is.

  • #34 written by DK Wilson
    about 3 years ago

    It is interesting that so many self-righteous Tea Party-Republicans (since the 138 Tea Party candidates who ran this fall all vowed to caucus with the Republican Party) people suddenly want all those in government removed when a Black man becomes the President. Where was all this venom for George W. Bush or his father? Where is the venom today for Bill Clinton or even his Sec. of State wife? Where is the venom for George H.W. or Ronald Reagan?

    Sadly. nowhere to be found.

    It is unfortunate that in American-Western society everything we do is informed by race; do you think it is an accident that each time ESPN interviews a Black athlete who is not part of their regular “cast” (yes, they use the Disney term, “cast” to describe their colleagues; ESPN is owned by Disney) the athlete is asked to “rap,” or “dance,” or “sing?” Is it an accident that, until the last three years, the United States Tennis Association never funded a Black tennis player – and that includes the Williams sisters and James Blake?! And to this day has never provided a Black junior tennis player with the full funding White junior players of lower ranking are afforded?

    Is it an accident that there are only two perceived Black leaders in this country —– and they are both preachers (President Obama is perceived as an enemy of the state, not a leader of this country’s peoples)??? Preachers? Not lawyers, not philosophers, not even politicians, but preachers. Two. Preachers. Really?!

    Until your venom is pointed squarely at the people who TRULY run this nation and world we will NEVER accomplish anything.

    And if you think that’s too hard because you ‘wouldn’t know where to begin,’ begin here. DEMAND, en masse, that the people behind the murder of John F. Kennedy be outed. DEMAND to know who and why. Put the same effort into those demands that you do with President Obama and, in an ancillary fashion, Congress, and you unravel the entire ball of yarn, THEN you can point fingers and “demand the arrest of…” and know fully who to hold accountable for your perceived woes.

    THAT’S what you do if you truly want to act with in accordance with the true purpose of this country.

    Then you can restore its form of governance back to that of the indigenous peoples of this and all countries before Western conquest: a matriarchal-egalitarian government where all voices count, where the young are appreciated for their idealism and the aged are seen as wise; where women and peoples of different backgrounds and colors are truly perceived as equals.

    If you can’t aspire to that, you will be responsible for tearing this country to shreds.

  • #35 written by Freecake Us
    about 3 years ago

    Why doesn’t the “remaining sponsors” page show the remaining sponsors?

    All it says is this:
    Remaining Sponsors
    Lists of current or recently active sponsors of Glenn Beck’s hate. Please help the effort by tweeting, emailing or calling them.
    In the United States…
    [The new list of remaining advertisers will be posted on Friday, October 25 at noon]

    I live in the US and would like to know who to boycott and write letters to. No one can help the effort unless we know who those sponsors are.

    Thank You

  • #36 written by SherB
    about 3 years ago

    Heterophobe? I don’t think that’s a word. And yes, not everyone follows a deity that cares who screws who where. That is what the separation of church and state means. And no matter how many times glennbecKKK and that ridiculous woman from delaware claim otherwise, the first amendment guarantees that the rules of no religion can be the law of the land. If you think homesexuality is an abomination of god, fine. Go pray about it somewhere. Or better yet, go find a country that’s already run by a fanatical religion. Iran’s a good one. I realize it isn’t the religion who prefer but they have exactly the same ‘values’ and level of hatred that you espouse. So I’m pretty sure you’d feel much more at home there than somewhere like the U.S. that welcomes all religions or no religions, and makes its laws based on science and sanity, at leaast most of the time. And when idiots like you come along, and try to impose your belief system upon the rest of us, we have ‘liberal, left-wing’ organizations like the godless ACLU who stop you. And it’s too bad that you don’t like it. No, it’s not, really. Anyone with your level of vitriol and hatred needs to be stopped from forcing your level on insanity on the rest of us.

  • #37 written by SherB
    about 3 years ago

    The fact that many who are posting here are so ‘liberal’ in using labels to describe anything they don’t like makes it pathetically obvious that they get your ‘facts’ from the Fox Noise propaganda machine. Most people who actually think before they type or speak try to avoid stereotyping people by using a label, be it ‘liberal,’ ‘progressive,’ ‘conservative,’ ‘patriotic,’ etc. Actually, to use a stereotypical label myself, the trick of subhumanizing a group of people so they don’t count as individuals any more is actually a ‘fascist’ one, although it’s been used throughout history by many. Hitler didn’t invent fascism. He just industrialized it. That’s it’s purpose, though. The way to overcome bigotry is for the bigots to meet the hated or feared group as individuals, one at a time. That’s why integrating the schools and military racially was so important. It’s also why integrating the 10% of the population who, through no fault of their own, have a romantic attraction to members of their own gender rather than the 90% who, not of their own doing, find themselves attracted to members of the opposite sex. It’s also much harder to think in terms like ‘the homosexual agenda,’ which is not a phrase with any real meaning but a ‘red flag’ whose effect is to make those who hear it stop doing any critical thinking and reactive purely emotionally out of fear. Hate is always a manifestation of fear, always. Those who make themselves appear the toughest and biggest and most in charge by hating are simply scared bullies whose greatest fear is that they will be found out and exposed for the cowards they inevitably are. So today, when I hear the latest vilification of the president or ‘liberals’ by Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh, instead of reacting with my own instinct of rage and hate, I try to look at them as the frightened little boys that they are underneath all that bluster and it helps to prevent me from reacting in kind. That’s not to say that they’re dangerous and shouldn’t be stopped, particularly if they are inciting violence and preventing any kind of civil discourse from taking place. But finding a way to stop them isn’t the same thing as hating them in turn. Hatred and bigotry destroy the hater and the bigot in the end. Those on the other end can choose to accept the labels, whatever they may be, or not. I’d love to have a debate with some of you with whom I disagree, but when you begin with name-calling and stereotyping, there really isn’t a point at which to engage. Anyway, just a thought…

  • #38 written by SherB
    about 3 years ago

    Actually, he’s bleeding advertisers like a sucking chest wound. And, some of those companies have stopped doing business with faux and Rupert Murdoch’s little media empire altogether. Those corporations are not all great corporate citizens who have seen the error of their ways, of course. Most of them just dislike being associated with anything controversial. So those of you who want to run out and support his advertisers, remember that his primary products, besides other Murdoch media outlets like the Wall Street Journal now are overpriced gold coins, ‘survival kits,’ and products who claim to promote a great sex life for the viewing demographic, which has been proven by studies and polls, to be white men over 70 who are on social security and medicare. That, of course, is the ultimate in irony; that someone whose favorite topics are the over-reach of the government and the evil of ‘socialist’ programs is viewed almost exclusively by those who are already benefting from the most socialist of government programs in existence. Of course, Beck’s audience doesn’t really get the concept of irony, so it’s more or less wasted. Which is really too bad.

  • #39 written by SherB
    about 3 years ago

    Your words demonstrate exactly why Beck is so dangerous. He has vilified George Soros for so long that his viewers are ready and willing to commit murder? Without any knowledge or information about Soros other than what they hear on Beck’s TV program? I have no idea whether George Soros is good, bad, or indifferent and don’t really care. He’s probably not any different than the Koch brothers or Murdoch—I suspect that the feud is between those billionaires and it amuses them to encourage lesser folk, that being you and I, to fight their fights for them. I suspect that, from reading your posts along with most of the other beckies, that you haven’t progressed past about the 8th grade. Hopefully most of you are still in junior high and there is hope that eventually the education system you so revile will teach you enough critical thinking skills that you might begin to question the wisdom of being willing to kill someone you’ve never met and had no beef with until a television entertainer began to whisper in your ear that perhaps he would be pleased by your actions in removing the world of Mr. Soros. Do you know what Beck would really do if one of you koolaide drinking fools actually went out and killed, or tried to kill—he probably has security that would protect him from anyone as retarded as most of you—Soros or any one of the other folk he claims he’d like to see dead? Far from rewarding you, paying you, or going to visit you in prison, Mr. Beck, Mr. Murdoch, and the rest of the Fox team would backpedal so hard and so fast the room would start spinning. They know that the hatred they spew has the potential to influence someone unstable to do something like commit murder. But they also know that there are laws concerning conspiracy to commit murder, and if someone did kill George Soros, or the president, or the head of the ACLU, or any of Beck’s favorite targets, there would be a legal investigation regarding whether they could be held civilly or criminally liable. In the case of Soros, probably Beck could be held, if not criminally, at least civilly, accountable. Of course, that would only entail a fine that Murdoch would be more than happy to pay due to the incredible amount of publicity it would engender. Remember that this is entertainment, not journalism, and in entertainment, there is no such thing as bad publicity. There is only publicity, and if you’re getting talked about, that’s a good thing. So while you would be cooling your heels in a state or federal prison for probably the rest of your natural life, I suspect that Beck would probably, in order to save himself, have a total moment of clarity regarding Soros or whomever the victim was, and would begin painting them as less of the demon he had claimed in the past. Because in Beck’s eyes, it’s all a game, and he’s running the game. That there are so many people willing to accept whatever he says as gospel fact, and completely suspend their critical thinking skills because of what he tells them must appeal to his insatiable ego and narcissism, but it certainly doesn’t make him have any liking for or respect for those who believe in him. So please remember that if you decide to take out Soros, or any of Beck’s other targets “Chicago-style” whatever that means, that you’ll be doing it completely on your own. Beck, Murdoch and the gang will want nothing to do with you. They won’t put up your bail, they won’t take your phone calls from jail, in fact, you’ll get to be the next victim on the beckerhead chalkboard as he ridicules you for being so stupid as to actually commit a crime from listening to his ‘entertainment.’ So hey, good hunting…

  • #40 written by SherB
    about 3 years ago

    Lumping all of one people in a group is exactly the same thing we claim to oppose in Beck, so I don’t think the anti-Mormon rhetoric is helpful. That said, I know that church leaders in the LDS church have a bit more control over their members than most religions. Which doesn’t mean that I think the church itself is behind him, but it seems like they could do more to distance themselves from him. Or better yet, call him up to Salt Lake and have the bishop have a little talk with him about his hate speech and his views of social justice, which are opposed to those of the church. I think the beliefs of Mormonism are just as silly and mythical as those of Christianity or Islam or any other organized religion, but not necessarily more so. And I’ve lived in places that were predominantly LDS and one thing that I do know about them is that, in most respects, they are individually some of the nicest, most pleasant, most helpful people I’ve ever met. I oppose most of their views, especially homosexuality, women’s rights, and the separation of church and state, but those are also views of a lot of Christian sects as well. I would hope that most Mormons, just like most other people, would dislike Beck for what he says and does as an indivual, particularly as regards his hatred and incitement to violence.

  • #41 written by i <3 beck
    about 3 years ago

    Its a free country let beck say what he wants. he tells his viewers not to belive him but to find out on there own. He doesnt lie. George soros is the liar theif and criminal

  • #42 written by Paolosoto
    about 3 years ago

    How am I supposed to know what businesses to not patronize , if you don’t publish the list of US advertisers ( it is Sat Dec 4 2010 )

  • #43 written by Stn1212
    about 3 years ago

    The blog by Jflex seems to me to be another scenario of someone who claims to have to read the constitution but probably lets someone like Glenn Beck interpet it for them. Hey Jflex, or should I call you meathead? If you truly read the constitution did you use personal insight and your own beliefs when you read iand interpeted it, or did you take your perspective form that of the self proclaimed rodeo clown that you worship? Have a great day assface.

  • #44 written by Lapeirre
    about 3 years ago

    Lifestyle Lift is one of the major advertisers on Beck. You should know that it is a facelift factory with an 80% negative rating from former patients. Here are some stories that you may find of interest. Please let them know your thoughts.

    1) Face lift chain sued over woman’s death

    2) True Stories Of The Lifestyle Lift

    3) Astroturfing: Fake Reviews Cost Lifestyle Lift

    4) The Florida Attorney General is currently investigating Lifestyle Lift for Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices with regard to their advertising.,lifestyle,lift

    5) Lifestyle Lift’s CEO, Gordon Quick, was sued for alleged sexual harassment and sexual battery.…/14474153-1.html

  • #45 written by Ikstod
    about 3 years ago

    ..and just who makes you accountable…..?

  • #46 written by bite me
    about 3 years ago

    Constitutional scholar from Harvard, don’t make me laugh. Oh yeah that is what we are told, and don’t forget he was also Editor of the Law Review but we haven’t seen any of his work or writings have we because he hasn’t released any of it. Hmmm.

  • #47 written by bite me
    about 3 years ago

    Almost every hemophiliac in this country contracted HIV when the disease first began to surface due to the type of blood products they require that are reduced down from hundreds of donors. Screening the blood supply is prudent, not discriminatory. Don’t be stupid. Biased? You’re an idiot!

  • #48 written by Mmutz10
    about 3 years ago

    How can you really tell someone they never spent a day in the service? You don’t know them, that’s like calling them a liar when they say their parents are dead. It’s funny how the people supporting Beck on this post are those who stoop to blows like that. Very similar to Beck’s statements and views himself really. Go worship him and start Beckstianity if you’re going to follow him so devoutly. You all recite his idiotic ideas as if it would be followed by “Leviticus 7:16″. Just form your own opinion, use the brain God gave you and the freedoms your country grants you. You’re thrwoing them away more than any of us “liberal idiots” by blindly following some fake news pundant.

  • #49 written by curly gurl
    about 3 years ago

    where are your manners? Why is it that ultra conservatives seem to be the rudest people around? I will Never understand the lack of civility demonstrated by your bunch.

  • #50 written by curly gurl
    about 3 years ago

    what is with you & gay men? NO ONE is forcing gay “lifestyles” to kids. On the contrary, school cirriculums are VERY careful to avoid it. You have mentioned gay practices at least 3 times in postings and “methinks you doth protest too much” Take your kids to the church of your choice so they can learn to hate as much as you do. or do you have a gay kid? HOW are gays undermining YOUR parental rights? YOU are the one who teaches them values. If your kids refuse to hate as much as you do, congrats to them for having courage.

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